Alice In Vintageland

Roll up! Roll up! Travel back to the roaring 1920’s for our spectacular Charleston and Lindy Hop bonanza, complete with spellbinding magic shows and dazzling circus acts, guaranteed to enchant young and old alike. Follow Alice down the rabbit hole and come face to face with some of the world’s most outstanding performers, backed by the sensational Patchwork Jazzband. 



Running Time:

60 minutes


Producers & Directors:

Charlie DecaVita, Rebecka DecaVita



Charlie DecaVita
Rebecka DecaVita
Charlie Caper

Trevor Lewis

Mariann Magdalen

Linnéa Aronsson

Leah Englund

Josefin Staaf

Jens Corsman

Martin Nurmi

Susana Munico

Erik Ribeli

Lars Lindström

Johan Nilsson


Tour Schedule 2021:

17 June Mälarhöjdens Friluftsteater, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

19 June Mälarhöjdens Friluftsteater Stockholm SOLD OUT!

8 July Kulturhuset Taket, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

15 July Kulturhuset Taket, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

11 August Mälarhöjdens Open-Air Theatre, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

18 August Mälarhöjdens Open-Air Theatre, Stockholm SOLD OUT!