Shows 2021

Alice In Vintageland

Running Time:

60 minutes


Producers & Directors:

Charlie DecaVita, Rebecka DecaVita



Charlie Caper

Charlie DecaVita
Erik Ribeli

Jens Corsman

Johan Nilsson

Josefin Staaf

Lars Lindström

Leah Englund

Linnéa Aronsson

Mariann Magdalen

Martin Nurmi

Rebecka DecaVita

Susana Munico

Trevor Lewis


Tour Schedule 2021:

17 June Mälarhöjdens Friluftsteater, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

19 June Mälarhöjdens Friluftsteater Stockholm SOLD OUT!

8 July Kulturhuset Taket, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

15 July Kulturhuset Taket, Stockholm SOLD OUT!

11 August Mälarhöjdens Open-Air Theatre, Stockholm

18 August Mälarhöjdens Open-Air Theatre, Stockholm


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Party of The Century

Frank Martini hosts the most luxurious and extravagant roaring twenties parties in Europe, filled with live music, dancers, performing artists and a swinging DJ.


World class entertainer, Frank Martini and His Orchestra, backed by the extraordinary dancers, The DecaVitas, have gained immense popularity for their energetic jazz age shows, at Grand Venues all around Sweden.


In just one year they have sold out Nalen, Grand Hôtel and Café Opera in Stockholm, Stadshuset in Sundsvall and Aktivitetsfabriken in Hudiksvall just to name a few.


“It's elegant, exciting and so much fun”

“Scandinavias No.1 Gatsby show”.


So let the champagne flow, dance like there's no tomorrow and get lost in the night, the beauty around you and the music of the Roaring Twenties!


Tour Schedule 2021:

8 October, Umeå Sweden

9 October, Sundsvall Sweden

15 October, Helsingborg Sweden

16 October Odd Fellow Palaet, Copenhagen Denmark

22 October Stora Hotellet, Jönköping Sweden

23 October Valand, Gothenburg Sweden

30 October, Berns, Stockholm Sweden 


Nostalgia - An Old Hollywood Dance Adventure

Running Time:

60 minutes


Producers & Directors:

Charlie DecaVita, Karin Ålemark, Malin Emmoth, Rebecka DecaVita

Past Shows

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Crystal Club

Ritz Hotel