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Dance Reel

Fast Lindy/Charleston

Lindy Aerials, November 2017

Freestyle Lindy Hop & Charleston, July 2017

Lindy Hop vs. West Coast Swing, September 2016 Los Angeles US

Mulholland Drive tribute, November 2016


Slow Lindy/Blues

Frozen "Let It Go", September 2017


Lindy Hop improv, Crazy Swing Camp 2018, Brusells Belgium

Lindy improv, Saentis Hop, Switzerland 2017

Lindy Hop improv, Edinburgh UK November 2017

Tango vs Lindy Hop improvisation, December 2016

Lindy Hop Improv, June 2016

Lindy improv, Hullzapoppin Swing Festival, UK 2017

Freestyle Slow Lindy, 2018

Solo Charleston

Midsummer Charleston, June 2017

The Charleston, March 2017

Temptation Rag, Solo Charleston performance, September 2017


Showcase 3rd place at Canadian Swing Dance Championships 2016, Montreal Canada

Showcase 2nd place at Canadian Swing Dance Championships 2014, Montreal Canada

Performance at Northwest Followfest 2012, Seattle US


Strictly Lindy 3rd Place at Camp Jitterbug 2016, Seattle US

Strictly Lindy 4th Place at Camp Hollywood 2014, Los Angeles US

Strictly Lindy Hellzapoppin' Finals at Frankie 100 2014, NYC US

Collegiate Shag

Collegiate Shag with Savage Rhythm at Sweden Balboa Weekend 2013, Stockholm Sweden

Collegiate Shag performance, Lindy Academy UK, November 2015