Public Events 2019


5 January

Frank Martini's Party Of The Century, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


12 Januay

Swing Connection VI, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


19-21 January

A Workshop With The DecaVitas, Perth Australia (teaching)


2-9 February

Crystal Club, The Hayman Theatre, Perth Australia (performing)


18-23 February

Crystal Club, The Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide Australia (performing)


1-3 March

The DecaVitas Lindy Hop workshop, Adelaide Australia (teaching)


4-16 March

Crystal Club, The Bakehouse Theatre, Adelaide Australia (performing)


22-24 March

The DecaVitas Lindy Hop workshop, Darwin Australia (teaching)


29-31 March

Swing Sanctuary, Cambridge UK (teaching)

5-7 April

Another Lindy Hop Festival (ALF), Trondheim Norway (teaching)


12-14 April

Spring Break, Sundsvall Sweden (teaching)

26-28 April

Lindyweekend with The DecaVitas, Falun Sweden (teaching)

5 May

Frank Martini's Party Of The Century, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


10-12 May

Lindy in the Sky, Liverpool UK (teaching)

31 May-2 June

The DecaVitas In Tokyo, Tokyo Japan (teaching)

7-9 June

DecaVita Sisters Weekend, Osaka Japan (teaching)

27-29 September

Gothenburg Sweden (teaching)

5 October 

Swing Connection VII, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)

11-13 October 

SwingDom, Utrecht Netherlands (teaching)

19 October

Frank Martini's Party Of The Century, Sundsvall Sweden (performing)

19 October 

Sundsvall Sweden (teaching)

26-27 October

Norrköping Sweden (teaching)

15-17 November

Sao Paolo Brazil (teaching)




Public Events 2018


1 January

Fräulein Frauke Presents: Wonderland Masquerade Ball, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


4-17 January

Europa 2 Cruise Ship, Buenos Aires - Cape Town (performing)


26-28 January

Rockin' In Rhythm, Singpore (teaching)


31 January - 7 February

Bali, Indonesia


10-12 February

A Weekend With The DecaVitas, Perth Australia (teaching)


23-25 February

Oxford Swing Festival, Oxford UK (teaching)


9-11 March

Sideways, Lucerne Switzerland (teaching)


21-22 April

Sundsvall Swing Break, Sundsvall Sweden (teaching)


4-6 May

Swing Around The Clock, Geneva Switzerland (teaching)


11 May

Ritz Hotel, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


18-21 May

Swing Ohne Senf, St Gallen Switzerland (teaching)


25-28 May

Queensland Swing Festival, Brisbane Australia (teaching)


1-3 June

Midwinter Swing Festival, Dunedin New Zealand (teaching)


23-24 June

Midsummer Swing, Hamburg Germany (teaching)


29 June - 2 July

The DecaVitas - Lindy Hop Workshop, Wuppertal Germany (teaching)


5-8 July 

The Lindy Bubble, Jerusalem Israel (teaching)


16-17 August

Hötorgsjazzen, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


22-27 August

Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh UK (performing)


15-16 September

Karlstad Sweden (teaching)


17-19 September

Robyn music video, London UK (performing)


29 September

Swing Connection V - The Shortcut, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


5-7 October

Footloose Swing Fest, Alicante Spain (teaching)


19-21 October

U Town Swing Camp, Uppsala Sweden (teaching)


3-4 November

Charlie’s Charleston, Tokyo Japan (teaching)


30 November - 2 December

Ritz Winter Hop, Vaasa Finland (teaching)


7-9 December

Crazy Swing Camp, Belgium (teaching)





Public Events 2017


28 January

Party Like Gatsby, Helsinki Finland (performing)


10 February

Party Like Gatsby, Tampere Finland (performing)


11-12 February

Swingintine's Weekend, Tampere Finland (teaching)


4 March

4h Focus: Followers, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


10-12 March

University of Swing, Edinburgh UK (teaching)


30 March - 2 April

Swing Revolution, Leeds UK (teaching)


21 April

Party Like Gatsby, Gothenburg Sweden (performing)


29-30 April

Swing Connection III, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


13-14 May

Spring Out, Hannover Germany (teaching)


26-28 May

Hullzapoppin', Hull UK (teaching)


2-4 June

Säntis Hop, Teufen Switzerland (teaching)


9-11 June

Swing Around The Clock, Geneva Switzerland (teaching)


29 June - 2 July

The DecaVitas, Geneva Italy (teaching)


4 July

Lindy Hop Aerial Workshop, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


14-16 July

The DecaVitas - Lindy Hop Workshop, Wuppertal Germany (teaching)


30 July 

Lindy Hop Tricks Workshop, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


12 August

Lindy Hop Aerial Workshop, Visby Sweden (teaching)


8, 15, 22 September

Solo Charleston, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


23 September

4h Focus: Lindy Charleston, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


6 October

Lindy Hop Crash Course for acroyogis & acrobats, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


21-22 October

Swing Connection IV, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


3 November

Halloween Swing Camp, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


4-5 November

Yoda festival, The Yoga & Dance Festival, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


16 November

Tegeljazz, Stockholm Sweden (performing)


24-26 November

Winter Swing Weekend, Edinburgh UK (teaching)


11-12 December

Malmö Sweden (teaching)


15-17 December

Crazy Swing Camp, Belgium (teaching)



Public Events 2016


26 December - 1 January

Lindy Focus, Asheville US (competing)


9-10 January

The Flying DecaVitas - Lindy Hop Workshops - Omaha Jitterbugs, Omaha US (teaching)


16-17 January

Colorado Swing Intensive, Denver US (teaching)


23-24 January

The DecaVita Workshop, Chicago US (teaching)


5-7 February

University Of Swing, Edinburgh UK (teaching)


20-21 February

Swing Connection, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


27-28 February

Teachers training workshop, Gävle Sweden (teaching)


25-28 March

Bristol Swing Festival, Bristol UK (teaching)


1-3 April

Hanse Hop, Hamburg Germany (teaching)


8-10 April

600 Minutes of Swing, St Andrews UK (teaching)


22-24 April

Swingin' Pool Cologne, Cologne Germany (teaching)


13-15 May

Säntis Hop, Teufen Switzerland (teaching)


20-22 May

Canadian Swing Dance Championships CSC, Montreal Canada (competing)


27-30 May

Camp Jitterbug, Seattle US (competing)


11-12 June

Swing Choreo, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


1-3 July

Lindy Hop Workshop With The DecaVitas, Wuppertal Germany (teaching)


13-20 August

Festiv'alan Swing, Toulouse France (teaching)


25-28 August

ILHC, Washington D.C US (competing)


2-5 September

Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles US (competing)


9-11 September

Jamborama Jazz & Swing Dance Festival, Omaha US (teaching)


17-18 September

YYC Flight Jam, Calgary Canada (teaching)


30 September - 3 October

Calpe Swing Fiesta, Calpe Spain (teaching)


8-9 October

Midtown Lindy Hop, Örebro Sweden (teaching)


15-16 October

Swing Connection II, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


22-23 October

HepCat Lindy Hop Weekend: DecaVitas, Malmö Sweden (teaching)


4-6 November

Halloween Swing Camp, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


16-20 November

Dragon Swing, Crakow Poland (teaching)





Events 2015


7 January - 4 February

Boogie Back Dance Company, Cape Town South Africa (teaching)


14-15 February

Just Jump! Lindy Hop Choreo, Show & Tricks workshop, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


28 February

The Cotton Club, Ludvika Sweden (teaching)


14-15 March

The Lindy Club, London UK (teaching)


28-29 March

Hanse Hop, Hamburg Germany (teaching)


7-12 April

Lindy on Track: Take the A train, Krakow Poland (teaching)


18-19 April

Leading Ladies feat. Following Fellas, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


2-3 May 

Lindustry Spring Hop, Norrköping Sweden (teaching)


9-10 May

So you think you can TEACH - instruktörsutbildning för lindyhoppare, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


15-17 May

Spring Fling, Edmonton Canada (teaching, performing)


22-24 May

Camp Jitterbug and The Jump Session Show, Seattle US (teaching, performing)


30 May

Swing or Nothing, San Francisco US (teaching)


20 June

Kick It Up! Atomic Ballroom, Los Angeles US (teaching)


22 June

That's Communication!, Los Angeles US (teaching)


25 June-2 July

Beantown Camp, Boston US (teaching, performing, judging)


2 July

Le calme avant le Riot - Throwdown Thursday, Montreal Canada (teaching)


3-5 July

Montreal Swing Riot, Montreal Canada (competing, judging, performing)


15-16 August

Swingin' Pool Cologne, Cologne Germany (teaching)


27-30 August

ILHC, Washington DC US (competing)


4-6 September

Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles US (competing)


10-13 September

Cowtown Jamborama, Omaha US (teaching)


19 September

Workshop, Chicago US (teaching)


26-27 September

Jitterbug Weekend, Seattle US (teaching, performing)


1-4 October

Lindy Hop Showdown, New Orleans US (competing)


8-11 October

Boogie by the Bay, San Francisco US (teaching, performing)


17 October 

Workshop, Örebro Sweden (teaching)


23-25 October

Black Forest Hop, Freiburg Germany (teaching)


6-8 November

Lindy Academy, Southampton UK (teaching)


14-15 November

And All That Jazz, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


18-22 November

Dragon Swing, Krakow Poland (teaching)


28-29 November

Weekend Workshop, Göteborg Sweden (teaching)


4-6 December

Ritz Winter Hop, Vaasa Finland (teaching)


12-13 December

Lindustria, Norrköping Sweden (teaching)




Events 2014


14-16 February

Weekend workshop, Cologne Germany (teaching)


1 March

Collegiate Shag workshop, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


29-30 March

Weekend workshop, Gävle Sweden (teaching)


5-6 April

Leading Ladies 2014, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


2-4 May

Malmö Spring Jump, Malmö Sweden (teaching)


10 May

"Master your Staff", Lindy workshop, Montreal Canada (teaching)


13 May

Competition class, Montreal Canada (teaching)


16-19 May

Canadian Swing Championships, Montreal Canada (competing)


22-26 May

Frankie 100, New York City US (competing, performing)


29 May - 1 June

Camp Jitterbug & The Jump Session Show, Seattle US (competing, performing)


7 June

Swedish Invasion Lindy Workshop at CCSF, San Fransisco US (teaching)


8 June

Lindy Workshop & show at Union Street Fair, San Fransisco US (teaching, performing)


19 June

Show, LindyGroove 13th Year Anniversary, Los Angeles US (performing)


26 June - 3 July

Beantown Camp, Boston US (competing)


7 July - 2 August

Herräng Dance Camp, Herräng Sweden


9 August

Show and workshop at private party, Stockholm Sweden


21-24 August

ILHC, Washington DC US (competing)


29-31 August

Camp Hollywood, Los Angeles US (teaching, competing)


27 September

The Cotton Club, Ludvika Sweden (teaching)


4-5 October

Weekend workshop, Göteborg Sweden (teaching)


18-19 October

And All That Jazz, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


29 October - 2 November

Lindy Shock, Budapest Hungary (teaching)


7-9 November

Lindy Academy, London UK (teaching)


20-23 November

Swingum Summit - Vintage Weekend, Umeå Sweden (teaching, performing)


29-30 November

Follow Fest, Stockholm Sweden (teaching)


26 December - 1 January

The Snowball, Stockholm Sweden (competing)