Swing Connection VIII

Our Swing Connection workshop will be a whole day dedicated to the art of leading and following; the stuff that distinguishes partner dancing from solo dancing. Nice social dance moves with intermixed technique exercises that focus primarily on connection will be taught for 4 hours.



The workshop is for anyone who is intermediate-advanced and advanced. Please respect the required level. The material will only be useful if you have your basics down. 



Swedish Swing Society, Odengatan 89

T-bana: Odenplan



Saturday October 17th 2020, 12.00-14.00 and 15.00-17.00


🥗There are places nearby where you can eat lunch, or you can bring your own snacks, there's a kitchen in the venue.



Register before October 3rd :

500 SEK

Register after October 3rd:

600 SEK 


💎Cancellation policy:

No refund! "Anmälan är bindande :)" 

If you can’t attend the workshop it is fine to sell your spot to another dancer. 

📱How to pay (READ CAREFULLY)

Followers: Swish to Charlie at 073 700 40 70

Leaders: Swish to Rebecka at 123 627 5200

➡️Write your own name and your dance partners name in the Swish message. 


✅How to register:

You register by paying the workshop fee by Swish.

➡️Our goal is to have equal numbers of leaders and followers. (It's not fun to wait in the rotation) You will therefore have to sign up with a partner, (we will rotate partners during class). In case you can't find anyone to sign up with, you can post a request in this event. 

✳Covid-19: if you wish to only dance with your dance partner, that is absolutely fine 🙂. We will have a limited number of couples in the space and follow the recommendations. 

💻If you have any other inquiries about the workshop feel free to e-mail Charlie at decavita@gmail.com