Camilla Rud

We are so happy to present this fantastic artist, Camilla Rud! 

Camilla is a gymnast, acrobat, Circus Educator and comedienne and started her carrier in her teens as an actress in film and TV. Later she worked as a stuntwoman and earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Comedy.

Camilla has performed world wide and she is the founder of the performance company Mighty Performance Arts Collective - M.P.A.C and the clown companies Trupp Trunk and Kompani Vet Hut. Camilla has done more than 30 tours with Clowns Without Borders, an association that offers joy and laughter to relieve the suffering of especially children, who live in areas of crisis, in refugee camps and conflict zones. 

2011 Camilla won the Narren Price for her international artistry.