March 15th 2020 - 1920 Special, A Solo Charleston Workshop

🎆The 20s are back! So we think it's high time for a proper Charleston Workshop!

✨Welcome to a solid 3-hour Sunday workshop at Vivat Dance Studio in Glendale.

• Basic vocabulary, technique and styling
• Useful combos
• Improvisation
• A fun routine for performance or practice

This workshop is for all levels (beginners to advanced) but if you're new to Solo Charleston and Solo Jazz, we recommend that you have previous experience with other types of dance.

Comfortable clothing, slippery (preferably leather sole shoes). If you don't own slippery shoes, a pair of socks on top of your sneakers will do. Water and some snacks is also a good idea!

50$ (cash) at the door

🎈 This workshop is brought to you by: Hop To The Beat 🎈

Wednesday Weekly Solo Charleston Classes

⚜️💖Welcome to our 6-weeks series of Solo Charleston Classes at Grand Stage Dance Studio in Glendale!💖⚜️


1920s & 1930s vintage style Solo Charleston (so no partner needed). 
All classes will cover both basic technique, useful practice combos, improvisation and fun choreography.

April 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th 2020
May 6th, 13th 2020

7-8 pm Level 1 (beginners)
8-9 pm Level 2 (intermediate and up)

$20/class, pay cash at the door
If you sign up for all 6 classes and pay all classes in advance (cash in the door before the first class) the price is $100.
If you want to attend both Level 1 and 2 the price is $35 at the door and $180 for all 12 classes if you pay all classes in advance (cash in the door before the first class)

Grand Stage Dance Studio
725 E Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205

You'll most likely sweat so wear comfortable clothes! Charleston is danced to fast swing and hot jazz music and involves twisting your feet, so wear slippery shoes if possible. If you have shoes with leather sole that is the best. 

if you have any questions about the classes feel free to contact us!